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The what, why and how of refinancing home loans

Our guide covers the most essential information you need for refinancing home loans.

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Want to learn more about mortgage repayments?

Read our guide to learn how mortgage repayments work, how much they will be and how you might be able to save.

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What you need to know about home equity

Learn what home equity is and how you can access it.

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How much deposit do I need for a home loan?

Your home loan deposit determines what loan you qualify for and what property you can afford.

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How does the refinancing process work?

  1. Apply online with our easy online home loan application.
  2. A dedicated Loan Consultant will give you a call discuss your refinance objectives and help find the best solution for you.
  3. We then verify your information by receiving some supporting documentation, e.g. payslips, bank statements or tax returns.
  4. A property valuer performs a valuation assess the value of your property. Based on the loan-to-value ratio, we might be able to do an online valuation but if there is no sufficient data, the valuer needs to do a physical visit of your property.
  5. Our credit team reviews your information and makes an assessment on your application.
  6. Our solicitors send you the loan contract via email to read, sign and return.
  7. Your loan consultant will prepare and send a loan discharge form to your existing lender.
  8. Now it is time for settlement, our solicitors will work with your current lender to refinance your home loan!

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