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Is there an age limit for home loans?

Our guide tackles all the questions older borrowers have, and what home loans may be available

Nathan Gooley
May 5, 2022
Investment Property

How much can I borrow for an investment property?

Understand how lenders determine your borrowing power for an investment property

Nathan Gooley
November 10, 2021
Investment Property

How does landlord insurance work?

Need cover for your investment property? Read our Q&A about landlord insurance

Nathan Gooley
October 29, 2021
Investment Property

How does investment property tax work?

Read our article to find out what expenses you can claim so you maximise the ROI of your investment

Luke Harris
October 22, 2021
Investment Property

Buying a second property: equity, finance and home loans

Buying a second property? Read our Q&A explainer for everything you need to know

Nathan Gooley
August 27, 2021
Investment Property

Guide to property investment and investor loans

Read our guide to educate yourself about property investment

Nathan Gooley
August 18, 2021
Investment Property

Everything you need to know about CGT on property investment

Read our guide to understand the rules around capital gains tax (CGT)

Nathan Gooley
August 5, 2021
Loan Rates

Understanding investment home loan rates

Understanding investment home loan rates will help you build your property portfolio.

Nathan Gooley
July 5, 2021
Investment Property

What is negative gearing and how does it work?

Not quite sure what negative gearing is? Read our Q&A for answers to the most common questions.

Toni Mladenova
May 11, 2021

What you need to know about home equity

Learn what home equity is and how you can access it.

Nathan Gooley
December 19, 2020